Providing Top-Notch Education for Over 50 Years

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The prime time for learning begins at birth. With that in mind Happy Time Day Care Center in Duluth MN is here to help. Providing a balanced approach of classroom and outdoor education opportunities. The environments are set up to support the individual learning style each child presents. Call us today to find out more.

Dedication to quality:
Nationally accredited- National Early Childhood Program Accreditation
Parent Aware- 4 Star rating

Why does accreditation and star ratings matter? It ensures programs have done the work to provide higher health and safety standards and has invested in the staff to improve their practice.

What can our child care team do for you?

Our child care center started out as a basic provider of care outside the home. Over the years, Happy Time Day Care Center has grown from an 8- to an 85-child license capacity. You can count on us for exceptional:

We provide the highest-quality care and education for every child, so parents can go to work without worry.

Find out why we're the right choice

We strive to be the best day care center in the area. Our center goes above and beyond by:

Featuring a nationally accredited program
Minimizing the use of plastic and embracing nature
Renovating our building and adding an air economizer
Grounding our curriculum in research and application of early childhood theories

You'll feel good about leaving your child in our care. Contact us today to check the availability of our preschool classes.